A Great Place to Raise My Kids

I was looking at three bedroom apartments in Newport News VA when I came across the ones at Autumn Lakes. The first thing that was important to me was the location, so I looked at the neighborhood that it is located in. Everything that I could find indicated that it is a good area, which …

An Apartment That My Kids Like

I knew when I began looking at apartments in far North Fort Worth that I would find a nice one, but I had no idea that I would find one as nice as where I am now. I wanted a three bedroom apartment even though I live mostly by myself. See, I was married for …

My New Landlord Insisted on Seeing Pay Stubs Instead of Taking My Schedule C for Proof of Income

It is about impossible to deal with bureaucracy. If you ever had to jump through the hoops to get something, you know what I mean. It could be getting a loan, getting a lease for an apartment or anything where you need to prove who you are and income. I work for myself doing a strictly cash business. No, it is not illegitimate. It is fixing mobile devices on the spot. I fix screens and everything. Cash only, because it is easier. I pay all of my taxes and have tax returns, but got a check stub online in order to get an apartment.

The rent was much better than the place I lived at, and the building and location were better. I had to jump on the opportunity before someone else did. The landlord wanted pay stubs, old utility bills from where I lived now and a driver’s license. I asked if my tax returns with my schedule C were okay to show income, and I was cut off quick. The person on the phone said pay stubs were required. I did not even proceed to say how I worked for myself. I might have missed out on the apartment.

I do my own withholding and send it in quarterly. I pay myself a regular salary and save the rest. Making a check stub online was easy, and it was correct as far as the numbers went. Plus, I had a legal business name that was not my own name. So, I just went ahead and made pay stubs that had all of the data on them to give to the new landlord. I had a real income, and I was required to prove I had a job. The pay stub maker online helped me to be able to do that. I don’t like jumping through hoops, especially with people who are so rigid in things. However, I do find a way to get it done.

I Needed Help Putting My Online Business on the Map

My brother’s stepson can make incredible websites, so I asked him to help me with mine. He told me that he would be able to do that, but I would need to find an Atlanta SEO company to help me attract the customers I needed to make it a success. That shows you how much I know about websites and how they work, because I honestly did think that just a really nice website was all that was needed to make it a successful one. He thought of a way to explain it to me better, and he came up with a good one.

He told me to think of a store that is being built in a section of town that no one knows about. The people right there in that section of town will know about it, but no one else will. Word of mouth might cause a small trickle to come see it, but the only way to get the majority of others to see it is to have someone let them know that it is there. A map has to be drawn for directions on how to get there, and only then can people come shop there.

That made sense to me, but I knew that I needed someone who is very familiar with how to map all of that out to do it for me, as I was still clueless. He built me a great website, and then he even helped me find a company that was able to put it on the virtual map for me. Between the great website and the search engine optimization help that I received, I knew that I was finally in the position to have a very successful online business. The number of sales that I do every week is just proof of that!

A Good Ending to Our Divorce

I am pretty sure no one enters a marriage thinking it will end in divorce one day. I know when I got married, I said my vows with complete honesty. I wanted to stay married to my best friend for the rest of my life. However, I soon found out that some fairy tales do end in rather ugly ways. I had to find a Dekalb County divorce about three years after my marriage because I found out my husband was cheating on me. He apologized and begged for forgiveness, which I gave him, but that was only valid for the first time he messed up.

When I caught him a second time, I knew that it was over. I was not going to sit there and be the good wife while he was out doing whatever he wanted, breaking our vows over and over again. I just wanted a clean break from that part of my life, and I wanted it done quickly. We did not have any kids together, which was sad during our short marriage but a blessing at the end of it. However, we did have some valuable items that we needed to separate as well as some property.

We had invested in some rental property even before we were married, and they were all doing very well. I was not willing to just let him have everything after all the hard work I put in them too. I wanted him to either buy me out or let me buy him out, and I knew that I would need an attorney to help me with that. Thankfully, I found one that was able to get the ball moving pretty fast, and it did not take long for us to determine who would get what. He did not want to give up any of the properties, so I got a really nice settlement from those too. I would not have fared as well as I did without such a great lawyer. Now, I am finally ready to meet my Prince Charming now that I’ve had the frog!

Move to Where You Can Be Comfortable Year Round

My brother-in-law bought a house in Texas. He invited us down to visit. It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit when we got on the plane to go visit him in San Antonio. When we arrived, it was 64 degrees and the next day it was 75. The day after that it was 78. This was in November. I wanted to stay until it got warm again back home. I found out that my wife liked the warm weather too. We started looking for apartments in Alamo Heights area when we talked about it some more. On our two week visit to see her brother, we decided to move. We leased a place before we even got out of our apartment back home.

My brother-in-law likes having a house. My wife and I enjoy apartments. We enjoy not having grass to cut or things to maintain. My brother-in-law spends a lot of his weekend time cutting grass, painting and doing a lot of other things around the house. We have a lot more free time living in an apartment. He says his house is more of an investment instead of throwing away money on rent. Well, we did not have to spend 10 grand on a new roof or 14 grand on a new sewer system like he did. Yes, property goes up in value, but your expenses to own a home can be quite large. That is beyond the mortgage itself.

We picked one of the nicer apartments in Alamo Heights area had available. They let you have your pets, and they have a nice dog park to exercise them in. We actually got a small dog now. We treat the little guy like he is our child. We get a whole lot of joy out of him. Our old place did not allow pets. We have liked the changes that have happened, and we both are seriously enjoying the warm winters.

A Nice Apartment for Kids Too

My husband and I wanted to find a nice apartment where we could raise our two children for a couple of years. We knew that we would end up moving after two years, so we did not want to invest in a house. With his job, we are only in any given area for two years at the most. I looked at several Silver Springs apartment complexes, and I like the Ashford at Woodlake the best. It just seemed to be the most family oriented one of all the ones I had seen.

We were able to get a three bedroom apartment with two baths at a really nice rate. We don’t have any pets, but I saw where we might be able to get a dog at this one too. I am a stay at home mom, so taking care of a pup would not be hard to do, especially with two eager little kids to help. The school district is also really great, which is the main reason we decided to go here. The kids are only in elementary school and will eventually move on, but this is their foundation years, so we wanted the best of the best.

There are things for the kids to do here at the apartment too. There is an Olympic swimming pool, but there is also a smaller pool to the side of it, which I knew would be perfect to teach the girls how to swim. There is also a small playground, and I knew they would enjoy going there most days too. The best part though is that we have met some really great friends here. It will be hard to leave them in a couple of years, which is why we are enjoying every day as much as we can here!

Finding Best Prices for Online Shopping

For the past several years, I have done the vast majority of my shopping online, instead of in brick and mortar stores. The main exception is that I still buy all of my groceries at the local grocery store. But I guess it is even becoming more and more popular for people to buy there groceries online as well, but I don’t think I am going to do that anytime soon. However, I would like to find the best price comparison site out there, to help me to find the best prices when I am shopping online, because I feel like too often I do not properly look into the prices for items before I purchase them, and that is a not a good thing.

Instead, I would like to do more thorough research in the future, and make sure that I am actually getting the best price when I buy things online. I have started to really try to discipline myself with regards to saving money lately. I have done a lot of things to try to save money here and there, and they are starting to add up. That is my goal really, to try to save as much money by doing little things, as possible. I have a fairly long list of things that I need to buy online soon, and so if I can find a website that has the best price comparison information, then that would really make the process of searching for low prices a lot easier and faster.

In fact, if I could view price comparison information for a wide range of products on a single website, then I would probably just use that website to help me to do all of my online shopping going forward. It does seem like that would make the most sense.

My Visions Can See the Future

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Candar the Great. That is my stage name. My real name is actually Chris. I have worked as a psychic for the past fifteen years. I have the ability to see into the future. People all over the world call me and ask me for guidance. I started my own business. I give over the phone psychic readings to callers. I help people with love, money, and career choices. I have never had one complaint. My predictions have never been wrong.

I was a teenager when I first discovered that I had special powers. I would get these wierd headaches for no reason. My parents took me to the doctor, but he could not find anything wrong with me. One day, I had a vision. I saw my father getting in a car accident. I told him about my vision. He scoffed at my vision, little did he know, he would be wrong. My father was driving on the highway and was almost hit by a car. My father was in shock. He realized that I had a special gift.

Over the years, my visions became stronger and more frequent. I could see them clearly. I figured that I could use my power to help people. I decided to use my powers to play poker and earn money. I made a fortune. My parents were a little apprehensive with my gambling, but it helped pay the bills.

One of my most memorable clients was a woman named Terry. She called me and I helped her find her future husband. I saw a vision of her meeting in a cafe. I told her to go there. She met him just like I said. They are now married.

I love my career. I am very happy to help people in need. My customers are very pleased with my work. They rely on my talents to help them and I enjoy doing it.

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